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Happy Students

Web Developement was a very informative session today. Looking forward to have many more sessions like these to come.

Junaid Sirius

Web Developement

You're not only learning the material, but you're also learning how to be a Scrum Master. Farooq a very interactive and enthusiastic tutor, really gets everyone involved while bringing his experience and real time knowledge to the course.

Danish Durvesh


It is my please to provide honest testimonial about the course and the instructor: Most importantly i would like to thank Farooq bhai for the positive motivating spirit that I always experience while in his class or talking ti him over the phone. All his session very highly interactive in the true spirit of Scrum theory and Values.

Waris Arif


Farooq’s teaching style is outstanding. He is very knowledgeable, engaging and enthusiastic. I would rate the overall course quality as excellent.

Faisal Rehman


Farooq Zahid bhai embodies the definition of servant leader given his deep knowledge of Agile and Scrum. Over the past few weeks, he was transparent in our discussions and kept inspecting and adapting to maximize the value in our training while removing any impediments in our learning. It was a comfortable environment with an excellent balance between theory, practices and personal experiences. We learned a lot in the sessions and I can't wait to apply it all.

Athar Usmani


I really I appreciate the time that Adan has invested in the class, he made it very easy for anyone to understand the whole concept of cloud. Even a person with basic knowledge of IT and some homework and review of the material introduced during the class would understand. While The instructor was teaching abut AWS cloud, He was comparing to other cloud infrastructures (especially Azure), which was a great thing that can't be found somewhere else. This one of the best AWS Architect class I have seen, it was very rich of information and the instructor went beyond what I have seen in other courses. This knowledge can be very helpful at work, Also the recordings of the class and the documents shared by brother Adnan can be a good reference to go back to when is needed.



Thankyou Adnan for this wonderful class. The most I liked about is the information and the knowledge you are sharing to help the community prosper. Your style for explaining things with drawing is unmatchable. I am looking forward to learning more form you on other topics of specialization. Thank you Knowledgeuplift team for arranging this AWS class. Best Wishes.

Shahid Sami


Great instructor, advantage with Adnan is to get career coaching and not just technology learning. May Allah reward everyone who was involve putting together this great work for community. Price of this course is nothing compare what was being covered during the sessions.

AWS Bootcamp Student


Excellent AWS training session led by Adnan. Adnan is an excellent instructor and took his time to explain complex concepts

AWS Bootcamp Student



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It’s certainly something that seems to be on people’s minds lately. Everyone is talking about it, a lot are claiming to do it, and increasingly, more people are hiring for it. But what is it? Data science, in its most basic terms, can be defined as obtaining insights and information, really anything of value, out of data.


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