Dr. Ramoza Ahsan
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About Me

Data Scientist at IRI with a demonstrated history of working in the areas of pattern mining, data mining including
similarity search on time series data. Skilled in data mining and analysis, data visualization, machine learning, and
statistics using Python, Matlab, C++, MySQL, Oracle, Rapidminer, Weka, Tableau and Hadoop. PhD (Computer
Science) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute with outstanding academic record, working in the areas of Computer
Science, Data Science especially in Data mining and data analytics.


Best Poster Award,
Grace Hopper Scholarship,
First place and People’s Choice award,
Computer Science Graduate Leadership award,
Second place Poster Award,
Fulbright Scholarship for PhD,
World Fellowship award.
My Objective

Share practical knowledge that anyone can use to get a job or to level up. My goal is to merge “Theory” with “The Practical” and show students how to apply what they learn right away. This can be a new job in IT with no previous experience, leveling up at an existing company, or even switching careers altogether.