Farooq Zahid
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About Me

Farooq is a highly motivated and results-oriented Agilest, having 18+ years of IT experience in different domains with proven track record of implementing and enabling teams to practice best agile principals. Farooq has served many organizations as SM, Agile Coach and Transformation Agent. He is Certified CSM, SAFe Agilest, KMP I & KMP II certified Practitioner.


Enterprise Design Thinking Co-Creater
Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner
Kanban Management Professional (KMP Foundation II)
(Kanban University)
Kanban System Design (KMP Foundation I),
(Kanban University)
Certified Agility Health Facilitator (AHF)
(Agility Health).
Safe 4 Certified Agilist
(Scaled Agile , Inc.)

My Objective

Share practical knowledge that anyone can use to get a job or to level up. My goal is to merge “Theory” with “The Practical” and show students how to apply what they learn right away. This can be a new job in IT with no previous experience, leveling up at an existing company, or even switching careers altogether.