Hannan Tariq
Social and Emotional Learning
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About Me
Hannan Tariq is one of the few passionate souls who are on a mission of EMPOWERING individuals and companies to deliver at their best. Hannan has a strong belief that “Mindset” optimization is the key of CHANGE which can turn things around. He aims to promote SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) to individuals, groups, corporate sectors, societies and families. Hannan is a Telecom Engineer by profession and Certified trainer by choice. With good experience of more than 14 years of Telecom Corporate Sector at senior levels, Hannan has joined training and development sector as consultant trainer. Hannan’s major work is on Emotional intelligence (EI). EI is declared as one of the mandatory required skill declared by World Economic forum.
Hannan has given successful in house trainings, workshops and TEDx speech on said subject. Hannan has developed his own course on EI which is LIVE for students globally on UDEMY. Hannan keeps keen interest in books, sports, movies and is inspired by every single person who has given positive change in one’s life. Hannan strongly believes that “Learning is a never ending journey.”
Working in Telecom Sector as National Manager RF Optimization
Founder and consultant trainer at HTrainings (Social and Emotional Learning)
BS. Electronics and Communication
Certified Trainer ( School of Leadership 2018)
Udemy Instructor ( Emotional Intelligence SIMPLIFIED)
Multiple MOOC (Refer to LinkedIn)
DICE Fellow Islamabad Cohort ( British Council program of Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies)
TEDx Speaker ( TEDxYouth@shahiguzargah Mar2019)
My Objective
My aim is “Mindset Optimization”. This is what I practice and what I teach. Our brain is a great gift of God. It’s a hub of our thoughts, emotions, decisions and actions. Our thinking decides our words. Our behavior response depends on our mental state. Our emotional strength designs our lives. To keep moving, we have to stay strong emotionally and physically. We need to practice Meta cognition. Thinking can be learned and every one can learn this. I take this as my personal responsibility to help in developing optimistic beautiful minds. This is life time practice and never ending journey. Join me and let’s be a part of this positive change.