Shariq Memon
Business Intelligence
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About Me

Shariq is an expert at translating data into easily understandable analysis and insights that in turn can drive high impact business decisions, having an experience of 10+ years, he has achieved many milestones in several companies. He has a track record of helping his managers to do more than they have ever done in the past. His key strengths include; escalating and delegating as appropriate, leading discussions, making presentations, and digging into metrics to solve issues. In his current role, he undertakes a critical analysis of financial and non-financial information to achieve improvements in performance measures. He is adept at using SQL, Cognos, Visio,  Oracle and many related tools which are essential for the growth of individual and the company.

Sr Business Intelligence System Analyst.
(Sidley Austin LLP)

Sr Cognos/BI Consultant.
(UChicago Medicine)

Cognos/BI Consultant.
(Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas)

Cognos/BI Consultant.
(Hallmark Services Corporation)

Reconciliation Specialist.
(American Home Mortgage Servicing)
My Objective

Share practical knowledge that anyone can use to get a job or to level up. My goal is to merge “Theory” with “The Practical” and show students how to apply what they learn right away. This can be a new job in IT with no previous experience, leveling up at an existing company, or even switching careers altogether.